About The Beginning

Fischer Schule Haus Christian Academy began from the hope of two woman, Tracie Conner and Karen Holmes. Tracie desired to find a place that her daughter, who received a brain injury and suffered from post-concussion syndrome, could continue her senior year and graduate on time. Officials at the public school, which she was attending at the time, were unwilling to find a way to work with her, as she needed time to heal before being able to continue her schoolwork.

Tracie began praying for options and her two younger children were also struggling under the same education system as well. In the meantime, God had been changing the career path of Karen Holmes a neighbor and friend of Tracie’s. Karen knew that God was moving, but she did not how or when God would use her. She, too, had been praying. Knowing and having home schooled with Karen, Tracie called her and began a dialogue with Karen about what could be done to help her children. Tracie eventually followed God’s leading and asked Karen to start a school where children in unique situations could get a good education and regain their self confidence in school.

Fischer Schule Haus Christian Academy opened its doors on January 7, 2013 to meet the needs of individual students who were struggling in traditional classroom settings. FSH is dedicated to educating students from a Christian world view in a small classroom setting. We are unique in private Christian education in that we accept students with learning differences and work with the families to meet their particular needs. (However, we cannot accept students with mental deficiencies or behavioral problems, as we are not staffed for these students.)

On the first day, FSH started with six students and ended in May of 2013 with 12. In August of the 2013-2014 school year, the school opened its doors to 40 students. The makeup of the student body now includes students who simply want a better education than what they were getting to students who were labeled and told they would never make it. They are all prospering and we cannot wait to be a part of future success stories in years to come. God is meeting a need for these families on so many different levels. He has been running so fast with this project that sometimes we can only see his dust as we try to keep up with all the wonderful things he is doing for and through the school.

FSH also does not require students or their parents to be Christians to attend. We feel that to live as Jesus did, we should not limit our scope to Christians only, but to reach into the community with His love and the good news of salvation. Though some parents have at first worried about the “Christian” aspect of our school, they have quickly seen its value whether they accept Christianity or not. When their children are safe and treated with love and respect, it is hard to argue that Christianity is a bad influence. It just simply doesn’t happen when the teachers and leadership of the school are walking in God’s will!

About the Founders

Karen Holmes

Karen Holmes

Karen Holmes – 
Seeing the need for an educational system set up to meet the needs of individual students as opposed to teaching to the middle, Holmes agreed to begin Fischer Schule Haus in keeping with her knowledge and experience in focusing on the individual student. She also feels strongly that history has taught us that excluding God from the classroom leaves teachers and students without a moral plumb line needed to approach students in a loving and respectful way.

“I believe that small classes of no more than 10-12 students and a mastery of concepts is the best way to educate our children,” Holmes said. “It is not about how much money a school has or how much technology is used in the classroom. It is about teaching the subject matter and not moving on until the student understands and masters what is taught. Above all, God must be honored.”

She has raised a child with learning differences and also began and was the administrator of a junior high academic class day for home school students in the Spring Branch / Canyon Lake area. While living in Dallas she taught at several high schools and developed the English department at Scofield Christian School for 6th-8th grades. Along with managing several school newspapers and yearbooks, she also served on an accreditation team with ACSI.

Mrs. Holmes has been in and out of teaching for the past 30 years. She is a devout Christian and attends Hillside Fellowship in Spring Branch. She has a BA in Education, Journalism and Political Science. She is the principal for the junior/senior high school and also teaches English, journalism, theater and Bible.

Tracie Conner

Tracie Conner

Tracie Conner – Mrs. Conner is a mother of three children of which two have learning differences. In seeking God for answers to her children’s educational needs, He revealed the idea for Fischer Schule Haus to her and she took a leap of faith in looking for an alternative to the traditional public school classroom. Having personal experience with Holmes’s teaching background, she asked her to start a school that would help her children succeed.

Mrs. Conner has now moved to Dallas and has joined the home school community there, but her dream lives in FSHCA.

About Our Name

Fischer Schule Haus Cristian Academy was chosen for our school name to include the Fischer family name (who built the school and donated the land for the original 1889 school house) and for the German heritage of the area. (For those who don’t speak German, schule haus stands for schoolhouse.)

About Our Mascot

logoThe Wildfires

Students voted for a mascot at the start of the school in January of 2013. Being told that a mascot is chosen based on animals in the area or events that took place in or around the community of the school, the students voted on the Wildfires as the mascot. At one point in the school’s history, the schoolhouse burned down, and with wildfires so prevalent in the area, one student, Tate Conner, submitted Wildfires as a candidate and it won the  vote.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide students with individualized, challenging home school education with a focus on mastering concepts before moving onto new concepts under the umbrella of a Christian world view. Our desire is to provide a back-to-basics education for our students with a small classroom setting.

Fischer Schule Haus provides the perfect place for students to learn on a deeper level from a home school experience while still having the benefits of being in a classroom with other students.

If your student is experiencing difficulties with his/her studies in school because of ADD/ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, or other problems, give us a call. We do not turn away students with learning differences, however, students must be able to meet academic requirements of the school and not be a behavior issue.

We also offer single-class enrollment which allows home school students to attend Fischer Schule Haus for just one class, like math for example. If this will help meet your educational needs, contact us.

Ephesians 4:1c-3

 …walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, showing forbearance to one another in love, being diligent to preserve unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. (NASB)

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